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Charge Your EV with Solar Energy


Whether you currently own an electric vehicle or plan to purchase one in the near future, charging your electric car with the energy your solar panels produce will ensure that your drives are cost-efficient and sustainable for years to come.


Tesla Home Charging Station

Conveniently designed for indoor and outdoor use, you can plug your Tesla into the Tesla Wall Connector when you get home and wake up with a full charge in the morning. Plus, you can quickly charge your car with the power of the sun when you pair your EV charging station with your solar panel system. 

While Tesla chargers utilize their own proprietary plug design that isn’t compatible with non-Tesla vehicles, Tesla owners can get an adapter that allows you to charge at most non-Tesla charging stations.

For questions about your EV’s compatibility, speak with one of our representatives and refer to your car’s owner manual for more information.

ChargePoint Home Flex

ChargePoint® Home Flex powers any EV vehicle up to 9X faster than a wall outlet, so you’ll have the charge you need to get where you’re going quickly. Plus with the world’s largest EV charging network, you automatically have access to thousands of places to charge your EV vehicle in addition to your home.


Enel X JuiceBox

Spend less time waiting for your EV car to charge and more time enjoying the open road. The Enel X JuiceBox is powered with a 240-volt Level 2 charging for up to 9X faster charging. Plus, you can control or monitor your electric charging with Amazon, Alexa, Google Home or on the Enel X app. 


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We design and install cutting edge, highly efficient and versatile photovoltaic (PV) systems from the world’s leading solar manufacturers for residential and commercial customers. We're redefining the role of solar companies by delivering customized solutions for homeowners and businesses in order to meet your energy needs and provide a cleaner, greener future for everyone.


Premier Solar’s team has successfully installed hundreds of solar systems for homes and businesses both large and small. Not only are we installation experts, but we also take care of all permitting and paperwork needs for our clients. We also don’t lease our systems. Instead, we work with our clients so they own their solar energy systems with no money out of pocket, and are frequently cash flow positive from Day 1.


Our projects are located throughout the New York region, and total over several million watts of energy, all while offsetting several hundred million pounds of carbon emissions. With our headquarters in Deer Park, New York, and offices in Queens, New York, we're able to meet the needs of our growing client base and serving solar needs in the New York Tri-State area.

Veteran Owned

Premier Solar Solutions, LLC is a veteran owned company located in New York. We design and install cutting edge, highly efficient, and versatile photovoltaic (PV) systems from the world’s leading solar manufacturers. We are redefining the role of solar companies, by delivering customized solutions for businesses, in order to meet their energy needs of the future!

Ready to start saving on Day 1?

Based on your local rebate and incentives available to you, we’ll create a customized quote for your home, business or organization to show how much you’ll save from the start and over time.