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Benefits of Commercial Solar Power

Solar systems may seem like a substantial investment but once installed, business owners can enjoy significant near and long-term benefits. From reducing your operating expenses to increasing your net operating income (NOI) for a higher return on your investment, installing a solar energy system can yield a significant ROI for your business.

As a business or building owner, you can turn any unused space into something that saves you money and boosts your bottom line with a commercial solar energy system. Adding solar to your business is like having the greatest tenant a landlord could want for a guaranteed 25 years.

3- Years
to recover your investment
Received from first year tax incentives
Savings w/ $0 down financing
industry-best warranty


Because solar power is now less expensive than utilities, you can start saving money immediately and also receive roughly 60% back in tax incentives and rebates. At that rate, you can recover your original solar investment costs in 3-7 years and earn an annualized investment return ranging from 15-25%. Additional solar incentives include:

  • New York State Tax Credit
  • New York City Property Tax Abatement
  • Federal Tax Credit (ITC)
  • NYSERDA Rebate
  • Bonus depreciation

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When you install solar panels on your business, organization or land, we’ll work with you to design the most efficient solar energy system that’s customized to your needs. We specialize in commercial solar installations for:

  • Small or large warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Land
  • Parking lots
  • Multi-family apartment buildings
  • Condo or co-op associations
Helix™ Roof

Ballasted Rooftop Installations

As the most well-known solar option for businesses, roof mounts generate quality solar energy output with fast integration and minimal disruption to your business during install. Rooftop solar energy systems are a versatile way to put otherwise unused square footage to work generating energy, saving your business money while it lowers or eliminates your monthly utility bill and increases your property value.


Mechanically-Attached Installations

Mechanically-attached tilt-up solar energy structures are ideal for New York City multi-family apartment buildings where space is limited. These types of solar energy systems are lighter than other systems, which is important on roofs without significant load capacity to accommodate heavy ballast blocks.

Helix™ Tracker

Ground Mount Installations

Ground installations come with the flexibility to install your solar energy system at an optimal angle for the most productive energy efficiency to save your business or organization the most money. Any unused property or areas of land can be leveraged with a custom-designed solar array that will turn it into a power plant for your business.


Helix™ Carport

Carport Installations

Parking lots, parking garages and other unused open areas are becoming more and more popular for business owners to generate solar energy when rooftop solar isn't a viable option. Employees and customers can enjoy the simple luxury of shaded parking, your business can strengthen its brand reputation with your solar initiative on display and you can boost your bottom line with savings on your monthly utility bill.

Offering Best in Class Panels

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best products so they can boost their bottom line and meet their sustainability goals. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best companies in the industry for your commercial solar project.


Financing To Fit Any Budget

At Premier Solar, we're experts in providing cash-flow positive financing solutions with little-to-nothing due up front. Whether you're a commercial, non-profit or government organization, our team can tailor solar financing to fit your budget and investment objectives so you can start saving money from the start.

Cash Purchase

If you have the financial resources available purchasing your commercial solar system delivers the greatest long-term savings and return on investment.

Solar Lease

Do you want to own the solar system and maximize your savings but prefer to spread the investment over several years?

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Do you want low priced solar power but don't want to own or maintain the equipment?


Residential and commercial property owners can utilize PACE financing to pay for energy efficiency improvements and upgrades to their home and land, including solar panel systems.


If your business can’t utilize the tax and depreciation benefits that come with a solar energy system, an operating lease gives you the benefits of saving on your electric bills each month while making a monthly payment to rent the system.


Ideal for small businesses, you can fully finance your energy system with zero capital outlay instead of purchasing it through a bank loan or cash. You’ll own and be responsible for the system without financing it.


Solar loans can save you anywhere from 40% to 70% over the lifetime of your solar panel system and allows you to own your system and the energy it produces.


You can earn additional income for your business while providing clean energy throughout your local community.


Net Metering

Net energy metering (NEM) is a solar incentive program that allows customers to store the excess energy their solar energy system generates in the electric grid in exchange for future financial credits on electricity bills. At night or on cloudy days when your solar panels don’t produce enough energy to power your business, you can utilize energy from the grid and use those financial credits to offset your energy usage costs.

Remote Net Metering

Farms and non-residential customers can utilize remote net metering in order to gather energy credits and reduce their monthly electric bills. Customers who have wind, solar or other electricity-generating systems installed at a single location can utilize any excess energy their systems produce as credits to offset their other electric accounts.

Community Solar

Many households and businesses aren’t able to install solar energy systems because they rent, live in multi-tenant buildings, have rooftops that can’t sustain solar panels or other factors that prevent solar installations. Community solar provides equal access to the many financial and environmental benefits of solar energy to community members, especially to low-to-moderate income customers, and helps build a stronger and more sustainable electrical grid.

Ready to start saving on Day 1?

Based on your local rebate and incentives available to you, we’ll create a customized quote for your home, business or organization to show how much you’ll save from the start and over time.